Art and Science

May 2019

Science Imitates Art: Art Illuminates Science


May 14, 2019 @ Amazing Grace Church

(3325 S Federal Blvd, Englewood, CO 80110)


Denver Faith + Culture Meeting is a monthly gathering, ecumenical in scope, meant to gather Christians in conversation at the intersection of faith and culture.


It looks like this:

1 meeting each month

2-3 presenters

1 cultural artifact per presenter

Group conversation


What's a 'cultural artifact'?

Something made by human ingenuity that embodies our shared life in a noteworthy way: films, music, poetry, icons, statues, paintings, essays, short stories, tools, etc.


DF+CM is:

A gathering designed to foster intellectual friendship.

A series of topics/talks with some of the best minds in Denver.

Intentionally ecumenical in scope but dedicated to Church unity.

Multi-generational and family-friendly.

Childcare provided (requested donation $10/family).

(more depth here)


Past Topics


Why Bob Dylan Matters

Bob Dylan Civil Rights March DC 1963 (1).jpg

April 2019—How did Bob Dylan practice the craft of culture?
Dylan’s lyrics, music, and the art of performance

My Ways Are Not Your Ways

Mar. 2019—Is philosophy ever enough for life?
Marcus Aurelius’ Denarius & C.S. Lewis’ Great Divorce


Transhumanism & the Technology of Salvation


Feb. 2019—Is life without end a human possibility?
Ray Kurzweil’s “The Singularity is Near” & Nikolai Fyodorov’s “The Common Task”


The Sacred and the Grotesque


Nov. 2018—How can grace intersect with the violently uncanny?
Flannery O’Connor’s “Greenleaf” & “Parker’s Back” & Sufjan Stevens’ “Seven Swans”


Sexuality of Gift

Spring 2018—An exploration of sexuality, the theology of the body, and the witness of sexual fidelity in an age of confusion and license.

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Ways of Being

Jan. 2019—What can aging and autism teach us about solitude and community?
Amanda Baggs’ “In My Language” & Mary’s “Junk Mail


Seeing the Invisible

Seeing the Invisible Cropped.jpg

Oct. 2018—Why is it hardest to see what’s most obvious?
David Foster Wallace’s “This is Water” & G. K. Chesterton’s “A Piece of Chalk”


The Gift of the Good Land

The Gift of the Good Land.jpg

Autumn 2017—An exploration of faith and agriculture, culture and ecology. What does faith in Christ have to do with the land?

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The End is our Beginning

Dec. 2018—What does death show us about our life?
Jorge Borges’ “The Immortals” & Terrence Malick’s “The Tree of Life”


Grace and Emptiness

Grace and Emptiness.jpg

Sept. 2018—Why does divinity shine in vacant spaces?
Fr. Quintana in Terrence Malick’s To the Wonder & Monseigneur Myriel from Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables.


Deus ex Machina

Deus ex Machina.jpg

Winter 2017-8—An exploration of technology, the myth of progress, and the challenges of Christian life in the age of the machine.

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“ How is the dynamism and expansion of a new culture to be fostered without losing a living fidelity to the heritage of tradition? This question is of particular urgency when a culture which arises from the enormous progress of science and technology must be harmonized with a culture nourished by classical studies according to various traditions. ” -Gaudium et Spes

Violence is not necessary to destroy a civilization. Each civilization dies from indifference toward the unique values which created it.” - Don Colacho

"In a sort of ghastly simplicity we remove the organ and demand the function. We make men without chests and expect of them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honour and are shocked to find traitors in our midst. We castrate and bid the geldings be fruitful." - C.S. Lewis